Month: June 2020

3 Post COVID-19 Marketing Trends, and How To Plan for Them

Scott Cullather, Co-Founder and CEO, INVNT While the pandemic has prevented humans from engaging with one another face-to-face in recent months, as COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease around the world, we’re all eagerly looking forward. With experiential—the craft that is powerfully potent by virtue of its ability to create strong connections between a brand and […]

5 Ways to Be an Effective Mentor: Why Mentoring Is More Important than Ever

By Kristina McCoobery, COO, [INVNT GROUP] and co-founder and CEO, INVNT Every leader should strive to hire people who embody their principles, their mindset, and their vision. For us at INVNT it’s things like a voraciousness for learning, passion for the work, risk-seeking, and zero tolerance for average. There’s also a sense of rebelliousness, a […]

Going virtual: 10 simple truths

Your audiences need you now, more than ever. You still need to move them, inspire & entertain them, bring them together, & engage them. Engagement in this realm is elusive. Virtual audiences behave differently. Shifting your live event into a virtual platform won’t cut it. Think ‘hybrid.’ Great content served as a blend of virtual […]

7 ways to lead during a crisis

Leading during a crisis: there’s no handbook on what’s right or wrong. The most important thing is that you continue to lead, because in the absence of leadership there is chaos, and people need direction, especially during these times. Go with your gut and focus on making an impact. Below are some tactics we’re embracing […]

Special Events Magazine Announces 2020 Gala Award Nominees

The magazine received entries from around the world, including Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Thailand and the United States. Members of the Special Events Advisory Board evalued the entries and determined the nominees. INVNT and SHRM have been nominated for two awards for the SHRM Annual Conference 2019: Best Multiple-Day Event Program For a Corporation or Association  […]

4 Ways To Adapt Your Leadership Style During COVID-19

Consumers expect brands to step up and do their bit during COVID-19, and workers are looking to their employers to lead them through this uncertain time. As a leader it’s therefore critical to react accordingly during these stages in your company’s evolution. From your leadership style and internal communications strategy to product and/or service offerings and […]

INVNT launches COVID-19 mental health campaign

Live storytelling agency, INVNT, has created a social media campaign to raise awareness of mental health during COVID-19. With working from home and social distancing the new normal, it’s safe to say most of us will have felt isolated, anxious, uncomfortable, doubtful or confused at some point over the last few weeks. INVNT executive creative director, Adam […]

SHRM looks to HEVE to convey COVID-19 messaging in 30-second spot

Branded content studio HEVĒ has joined forces with SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) to produce a 30-second commercial which reassures its members and the American workforce at large that the organization is here to support employees and companies as they operate through COVID-19.   Set in a virtual conference environment, the SHRM Navigating COVID-19 commercial begins […]

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