INVNT® Higher Ed Bolsters Team, Welcoming Josh Johns as Vice President of Creative Strategy

INVNT® Higher Ed Bolsters Team, Welcoming Josh Johns as Vice President of Creative Strategy

Josh Johns, Vice President of Creative Strategy INVNT Higher Ed

The Former Executive Vice President of Strategy at August Jackson Brings Over 10 Years of Industry Experience and Insights to INVNT Higher Ed

INVNT® Higher Ed, the live and experiential higher education storytelling division of INVNT and global umbrella enterprise [INVNT GROUP]®, announces Josh Johns as new Vice President of Creative Strategy. 

Johns has spent the last ten years leading branding, communications, and launch strategies for new initiatives and fundraising campaigns with many of the top universities, health care systems, and non-profit institutions across the United States. Throughout his career, Johns has helped institutions launch fundraising campaigns of $500 million to $5 billion for higher education and healthcare institutions. 

Prior to joining the INVNT Higher Ed Team, Johns held the role of Chief Creative Officer at Feats Inc., and led branding, communications, and launch strategies for a multitude of prestigious institutions including Duke University, Harvard Business School, INSEAD, the University of California, Irvine, New York University, and M.I.T. Johns has also worked as a creative director in film and advertising, and served in product marketing management roles at internet start-ups, and across the software industry. 

Tapping into a powerful stack of omnichannel engagement strategies, creative direction, and deep networks in the higher education realm, Johns will leverage his expertise to expand the reach of INVNT Higher Ed. 

“Among the most impressive of Josh’s talents is his creativity and commitment to challenging the way colleges and universities engage with their audiences across all platforms. His thought leadership and deep industry knowledge align perfectly with INVNT Higher Ed’s position as the go-to partner for the most forward-thinking schools,” said Sarah Winkler, Senior Vice President of INVNT Higher Ed.

INVNT Higher Ed is dedicated to providing universities and colleges with strategically and creatively led physical and virtual experiences that challenge convention, while engaging and uniting communities. The division – part of the global live brand story telling agency INVNT – is led by industry veterans Sarah Winkler, Senior Vice President, and JoAnn Peroutka, Vice President. They each bring more than 25 years’ experience to the agency. Over the course of their careers, they have successfully designed and delivered higher education events including campaign launches, regional tours, centennial and sesquicentennial celebrations, and presidential transitions for internationally renowned institutions.

“We first introduced our INVNT Higher Ed offering at a time when the world was experiencing a seismic shift in how we connected to one another. Globally, we saw our universities, colleges, and other institutions grappling with world concerns – many of which continue to evolve. The expansion of the INVNT Higher Ed division is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling and community building. We are proud of the deep partnerships cultivating alongside the global ‘challenge everything’ brands and institutions that put their trust in us,” said Kristina McCoobery, CEO of INVNT and COO of [INVNT GROUP].

As Vice President of Creative Strategy, Johns will articulate INVNT Higher Ed’s vision through strategic engagement-driven campaigns, powered by INVNT’s ‘Challenge Everything’ mantra, to deliver compelling, innovative, and authentic brand storytelling.

“Higher Ed is going through a period of tremendous change, and there’s a lot of opportunity for institutions to rethink and reimagine how they’re telling their stories. I’m excited to be able to leverage the expertise and creativity across the INVNT Group to explore new models for engagement and break new ground in how universities use innovation and technology to reach their most important audiences,” said Josh Johns.

To learn more about the INVNT Higher Ed team and their mission to create innovative strategies and live events for higher education, please visit our website

INVNT® Higher Ed Bolsters Team, Welcoming Josh Johns as Vice President of Creative Strategy
INVNT® Higher Ed Bolsters Team, Welcoming Josh Johns as Vice President of Creative Strategy
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