Re:INVNTion Roundtable on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Discussing How to Power Inclusive and Accessible Events

Meet some of our global [INVNT GROUP] team sharing insights aimed at architecting inclusive and accessible experiences.

INVNT is at the forefront of live brand storytelling that strives to feel authentic and inclusive to ALL of the audiences in our care. With this in mind, we turn to our own internal experts to share ideas and examples of how live experiences can be as accessible as possible. 

We’ll never be able to capture or ‘represent’ the panoply of human existence in a single event, or broadcast, or video. But audiences should ‘feel’ that the stories we’re telling aren’t from a single point of view, or a guarded rampart of privilege, or from a place that takes other people’s experiences for granted.”

Kristina McCoobery
Co-founder & CEO – INVNT

“I think of DEI like a filter. Approach internal and external programs with the explicit intention of creating inclusivity driven opportunities and spaces. This process allows for purposeful examination, identifying things that aren’t fruitful to our pursuits, and ensuring that the filtration system becomes smoother over time.”

Michael Roy
General Counsel

“Representation matters. Seeing people in positions we aspire to become sends a crucial message to the wider audience. Integrating and celebrating the uniqueness of people’s backgrounds and bringing attention to stories that haven’t been heard are ways to help people feel seen and listened to.”

Miri Kunii
Senior Graphic Designer

“Audiences should see as many faces, hear as many voices, and get as many perspectives as possible. This goes far beyond image selection, or making sure a photograph ‘has diversity.’ That’s table stakes. To me, it’s about giving people their voice.”

Paul Blurton
Chief Creative Officer

“Our clients have become very focused on being more inclusive in their messaging and who they collaborate with. Their audiences have begun to demand diversity and I’m happy to tap into various networks – including my own personal circles – to identify amazingly talented people who simply need exposure.”

Jenya Walters
Senior Production Coordinator

“The emphasis on DEI is growing across the higher ed landscape and many institutions are understandably focused on bringing these efforts to bear for their internal constituents. But as the opportunities for in-person gatherings begin to increase, right now is the optimal time to work towards creating live experiences that champion representation and accessibility.”

Sarah Winkler

“What I’d like to see more of is genuine assessment of DEI and Sustainability throughout a live experience – actual scoring vs just pass/fail. Organizational leadership are all on board with “doing better,” but until it’s mandated and measured, how can brands understand how well they are actually doing?”

Claudia Stephenson
Managing Director, EMEA 

“Lean into micro moments. Build memories by creating moments that aren’t just welcoming, but authentically inviting. This takes a continual pursuit of knowledge and a deliberate deepening of reference points that can speak to multiple audiences. The power and future of connectivity is in the togetherness of our differences.”

Jhonathan Mendez De Leon
Director of PR & Marketing

Re:INVNTion Roundtable on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Re:INVNTion Roundtable on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
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