A new era of culture shaping has emerged. Here’s how to embrace it

[INVNT GROUP] President & CEO, Scott Cullather on embracing new approaches to culture shaping.

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Businesses are entering a new era of culture shaping. GETTY

There’s no doubt that we’re living in an era of disruption right now. In addition to the pandemic that has seen organizations fundamentally change culture shaping with the shift to remote working, the world is facing a number of social, racial, personal, and economic related challenges, such as employee mental health, diversity, equality and inclusion, climate change, and more.

With all of this in mind, it’s not only important that leaders ensure they are dedicated to reshaping their company culture, it’s clear that the traditional approach to culture consulting—one that’s based on a workplace analysis and reporting on the state of the culture—needs a transformation. But how?

Below are a few culture shaping tactics to consider.  

Combine both the stats and the storytelling

We’ve seen a massive rise in brand storytelling in recent years, with more and more organizations choosing to craft stories that speak to their unique history, USP and offering, and then share it with their audiences in compelling ways via a range of platforms and mediums.

Storytelling is proven to be an effective way to engage audiences, so it makes strategic sense to take this approach and adjust it for an internal audience. Here we can add a humanistic layer to the findings that arise from the culture analysis process, by crafting personalized stories that resonate with each and every employee.

Consider how culture shaping can be creative

Working with a culture consultancy that is inherently creative ensures these stories are brought to life in relevant ways, so they inspire, attract, and retain top talent, and provide leaders with the tools they need to drive culture change long after the experts have gone. 

Depending on the findings that are uncovered and the nature of the audience, a creative-led culture consultancy will leverage one or a combination of disciplines, from live virtual and in-person events (once it’s safe to host them) to branded content, video production, brand strategy, and extended and mixed reality to help business leaders achieve their internal culture shaping goals. 

Leverage the live experience

There’s nothing more powerful or potent than a live experience, which makes it an important currency for a modern work place culture. Leaders should strive to seek out a partner that incorporates a varied range of experience options into their offering.

These might include longform workshops that identify and address major workplace challenges, or shorter 30 to 90-minute sessions where participants explore thought patterns around subjects such as teamwork, values and purpose, the insights of which can be used to reframe these thoughts to ensure teams meet their full potential.

How do you know if this approach is right for you?

As a leader, if you’re asking yourself questions such as: How do I create a thriving culture

in the face of uncertainty? How do I lead during an ongoing crisis such as a global pandemic? Or… How do I address the blurring line between professional and personal issues among the team?

It’s time embrace this new approach to culture shaping, and seek out a creative-led culture consultancy.

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A new era of culture shaping has emerged. Here’s how to embrace it
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