Survival Mode: How COVID-19 transformed my business

Embed new skills to create new revenue streams, advises Laura Roberts, APAC Managing Director, [INVNT GROUP].

In M&C Asia’s September / October issue, [INVNT GROUP]’s APAC Managing Director, Laura Roberts shared [INVNT GROUP]’s strategy on how the company has transformed during the pandemic. Instead of shying away from the challenges, INVNT decided to expand during the global pandemic, transforming the agency and rolling out a new global brand: [INVNT GROUP].

In the feature, Roberts also spoke about how INVNT, the group’s global live brand storytelling agency, pivoted to embrace the virtual world. “Our producers have both leveraged their existing skills and added to them with training on virtual platform development and management, virtual scripting, and managing speaker rehearsals virtually”, Roberts said.

Check out her full feature on page 20 here.

Survival Mode: How COVID-19 transformed my business
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